Keeping it smooth…

The danger lies in focusing on that pain, giving it a particular person`s name and keeping it always present in your thoughts.

To avoid beautiful thoughts turning into suffering, she developed a method: when something positive to do with „him“ came across her mind, she would stop what she was doing, smile up at the sky and give thanks for being alive and to be expecting nothing from the man she loved.

If though, her hearts began to complain about his abscence she would say to herself:
Oh, so you want to think about that, do you? All right, then, you do what you like, while I get on with more important things.

She would then continue to read , or focus her attention on what she was doing at the very moment and the unfortunate thought would eventually go away. If it came back five minutes later, she would repeat the process, until those thoughts, finding themselves accepted but als genty rejected, would stay away for quite considerable periods of time.

One of these „negative thoughts“ was the possibility to never seeing him again.
With a little pratice and a great deal of patience, she managed to transform this into a „positive thought“:
when she left, the city would have the face of a man with old-fashioned long har, a child-like smile and a grave voice. If someone asked her, many years later, what the place she had known in her youth was like, she could reply:
„Very beautiful, and capable of loving and being loved“.

aus: Eleven Minutes (Paolo Coelho)

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  1. It is a great pleasure to see your blog is more and more converted to my mother tongue. By all means the text is full of wise thoughts and interesting ideas. By the way: I assume the picture is one of yours, right? If so, congratualtions – it is as telling as the story.

  2. show me deep feelings! Voila!

    I need time for this kind of posts. Reading this post was done easily.
    But then a „sudden something“, a suggestion told me, take your time and read it again. There is a reason, a reason behind of publishing this. Why is this published!?

    Domination and devotion was several time an issue in Kimis blog. The O, but some fantasies as well. All posts described the situation, the physical behaviour.

    And now, what is different? The deep feeling and emotion and a personal way of enjoying to be a sub. I guess everybody charring both, dom and sub. For me is it like Asian medicine. Both, Dom and Sub, should stay in balance like yin and yang. .. and don’t ask me in this game what is yin and what is yang. I have a definition for me 🙂 and it is easy to discover my opinion.

    And this let be behind with some questions.
    Is this post based on a quick response like „read and post“ or expressing the feeling from an experience by this intensive text?
    What do you have in common with this girl, Kimi?
    And who is Paolo Coelho?

  3. oh my english is not as good as yours, but I like it. I found the picture was suitable for the story, glad to hear that you think so too.


  4. Askme, well Maria is a big part of me. She is actually in me. Every day, every minute, always.

    These words express exactelly what I feel, sometimes I am just more concious and allow myself more self reflection.

    Some of the questions you are asking I cannot answer..
    my spirit seem to change so much, as it is getting colder, as the summer has passed. Ying and Yang, well you are YIng sometimes right, but often also yang, but I can´t tell about myself.

    Maybe I am just so balanced that I am right in the middle, maybe I be living much more one of the two sides, if Live would be different..
    how knows..

    Great to hear from you.
    Hoping all is good.

  5. Interesting dialogue. The reflection about balance is spot on. If you have ground rules in place how to deal with extremes it can become easier to re-balance. And, if you know how to get in balance it becomes easier to allow – for a time – to be out of balance. Ying and Yang, playing and enjoying the opposites that is what increases experience in a fundamental way. If you do accept „the other side“ and allow room for it to grow you will finally see both sides growing – what keeps them in balance again.

  6. Some times I’m a dominant person. Hopefully not a despot, but who knows? And there are moments I need someone who is dominating me. The how and what, devot or submissive, is not the point. This is an essential need and not always related to an sexual relation. It starts with one of my flashes and them this wish grows and grows. I lost my balance or the yin and yang stuff is not in harmonize.

    I’m pretty sure, we are caring booth sides in our soul, deep in our hearts. We need this balance and
    and we can open a new complex world with new and great emotions and we can learn a lot about us.
    What is more efficient a coach or discover our hidden dreams, wishes and be ready for great emotions? Hmmm…!?

    I love and enjoy playing on both sides. I beg tearing down the borders in my head. Step by step, stone by stone. Sometimes there is a spiritual connection between the partners. One Partner supports the phantasy’s from the other partner. This could be a moment of releasing and let it happen. Hand over the control. No expectations.

    Only the Moment counts and this is great. A little vacation in the middle of this crazy business world. I guess, Paolo Coelho had this moment of happiness, in mind.

  7. I ask you….
    no, I don’t as I think your posting is very true. In particular, I like the expression of „little vacation“ – that is what I call „quality time“. If you are open minded and willing to push the boarders it does not take a lot – definitively no drugs – to reach new heights. Clearly, a partner being prepared to play exactly that game is required – and not easy to find. I guess, that is why we are here – in Kimi’s blog… Actually, while writing this I have the sneaking suspicion it becomes high time to move from 2D to 3D…

  8. Gentlemen,

    I wonder what´s up with you. Business man, probably, traveller, conquistator, Player, many actions, many movements, but what remains?
    I have no words at the moment. Maybe I have used them all today, and should not even be writting here. Who cares!

    I would like to dedicate those words to you, before I go..
    (borrowed by Erich Fried, and no its not my pseudonym)

    Wenn meinen Worten die Silben ausfallen vor Müdigkeit
    und auf der Schreibmaschine die dummen Fehler beginnen
    wenn ich einschlafen will
    und nicht mehr wachen zur täglichen Trauer
    um das was geschieht in der Welt
    und was ich nicht verhindern kann

    beginnt da und dort ein Wort sich zu putzen und leise zu summen
    und ein halber Gedanke kämmt sich und sucht einen anderen
    der vielleicht eben noch an etwas gewürgt hat
    was er nicht schlucken konnte
    doch jetzt sich umsieht
    und den halben Gedanken an der Hand nimmt und sagt zu ihm:


    Und dann fliegen einigen von den müden Worten
    und einige Tippfehler die über sich selber lachen
    mit oder ohne die halben und ganzen Gedanken
    aus dem Londoner Elend über Meer und Flachland und Berge
    immer wieder hinüber zur selben Stelle

    Und morgens wenn du die Stufen hinuntergehst durch den Garten
    und stehenbleibst und aufmerksam wirst und hinsiehst
    kannst du sie sitzen sehen oder auch flattern hören
    ein wenig verfroren und vielleicht noch ein wenig verloren
    und immer ganz dumm vor Glück dass sie wirklich bei dir sind


    ntlemen, player, romantical and very dominant, and searching…
    What are you really searching for?

  9. Kimi
    thank you for the bed time reading – Erich Fried is less known in England than in Germany and my German is still not where it should be to really understand those lyric. However, from what I do understand it is quite thoughtful and does contain a degree of self irony – not that often found in Germany.
    What am I areally searching for? Good question – maybe, the searching itself is providing enough pleasure and joy. Maybe, there is nothing to be found which would ever stop us to continue searching. Maybe, it is time for the next step (as by my previous post):
    „Clearly, a partner being prepared to play exactly that game is required – and not easy to find. I guess, that is why we are here – in Kimi’s blog… Actually, while writing this I have the sneaking suspicion it becomes high time to move from 2D to 3D…“

  10. what we are searching for?

    For me it is something like true great emotion.
    Some people thing it is the sound of money, other thing it is a hierarchical position. We are not born or „designed“ for that kind of feeling.

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