Try and Feel me

Gotta try harder. God things need to be explored in order to enjoyed them to the fullest.

I would not be just naked.  To be just backed, is a very natural state of being, even boring somethings. Therefore I would not be completely naked,  that would make the situation much more empowering, more sexy, more sensual.  I like to be sensual. I like it, because this is what I am, very sensual, and in order to show it all, I need my openent to allow me to let it out. Actually, he has to be like that too. A Little Macho of course too. I love sensuality and man who know what they like.

Like I siad I would not be completely naked.  Therefore I  choose a dress  with a rather big cut out, maybe you can see the lace of my black  bra, which pushes up my breast just so nicely.  Making you stare at them.
My skirt  emphasizes the roundness of my bottom, round and nicely formed like a apple. I would wear no underwear, its summer, and overtimes the wind blows,  I feel that right underneath my skirt, and it makes me smile. So I smile a lot on these days. In the evening, in the restaurant, sitting with you, I will roll the light material of the skirt up some more, spreading my legs a bit, just a bit, so that your hand will have access , provocation a little more,  let`s see what will happen, what you will be doing, how you will handle the situation.

I love to play with you a bit, and put you – just a little bit under pressure. What will you do with me, there in the restaurant, me sitting there, beautiful, with a seducing look in my eyes, and my skirt rolled up, inviting you?

Let`s see, what the situation will bring. Combine purity, innocents with Lust and passion.  To me, a real inspiring combination.

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