Escort München – About pleasure and pain

I awake, sweat dripping down on my naked body. I am shivering. I am having this dream, repeatingly again and again.. 

Me standing with my hand folded up on the ceiling somehow. I don´t know how and why I am there. My eyes are blindfolded too. I am naked and the only thing I am wearing are high heels, very high heels. They hurt my feet. I don`t know if I am dreaming, sleeping or awake. Though I feel very very aroused. 
The room I am in is warm, hot. 
I can hear a deep, soft voice, telling me to kneel down, but how can I do that, with my hand caughed like that? 
I am scared, really scared and at the same time a feel you spanking me. Again and again. It hurts, though I am highly aroused, I want to feel more of you, I want some pleasure. I want you inside of me so bad. 

At the same time am receiving more spanking, though I feel a whip on my butt. Not really hard, but it hurts me. It hurts. 
I wanted you to touch me, opening my legs just barely some more,wanting to be touch right there, pushing my butt out, so you would want to touch it, though , but you don`t. 

Instead again the whip is hitting my butt, it hurts. I feel so defenseless, scared again. Can I trust you? Do I really know you? 
I beg you now to touch me, but you just throwing me on the bed. I still can`t see anything. 
Here I lie on my stomach, my butt burning like hell, and so helplessly aroused. My legs are spread apart wide, and I am hoping to finally feel you inside of me. Will you finally, please, I cant wait any longer…. 
Who Am I ? 
My head feels like to explode every minute, and I awake with the urge to come, 
I want my orgasm, fingering myself real hard. I am soooo confused. In which world did you want to invite me then? I am scared, I need to trust, I don`t want to be manipulated. Why is my mind wondering at night when I have no controll over my thoughts there, wishing things I am so scared of?

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