Escort Munich: Phantasies are warming not only our thoughts…

Sometimes others want to contribute to my blog. This is great. I love the thought that my words, my writing is at least sometimes, inspiring to some of you. 

Snow, clear Sky, clear air, and a blue Sky and two bodies getting hot, no matter how cold it is outside… I received a nice story from a nice Gentleman, who send me this story really surprinsingly. THANK YOU for it.

Now here it is:

Imagine it is snowing outside, and two persons inside a cozy cottage sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. They are face to face, eye to eye smiling at each other, cuddling, kissing. They are naked, touching each other. Wet kisses, tongues are swirling. Then, hands explore each other’s bodies. It is snowing outside. Fire lightens the room… no electric light and there is also moonlight outside…a cozy cottage. Bodies are warm and they get warmer by every sip of red wine. Lips get warm too and lips are attached transferring wine from mouth to mouth. Some little drops over her firm breasts and his tongue slowly explores and licks wine drops on her breast. His tongue swirls around her breast tip. She sighs, he sighs. The tongue keeps continue this warm exploration over her body. The wine, the fire and wet exploration of the tongue heats them furthermore. It is snowing outside. And the moonlight infiltrating through the  window shows her body like a marble sculpture, however a warm sculpture not a marble. The tongue keeps continue its travel over her body. It slowly moves down further around her navel. She sighs. The tongue still moves down and finds its place between her legs now. She is moaning. It is still snowing outside but bodies are warm.The tongue is between her most hidden lips moving slowly up and down. The tongue is in deep exploration tasting her juices. Now, the taste of wine and her juices is mixed for him. The tongue keeps continue its exploration between her legs. It is still snowing outside. She is moaning. The moonlight leaves its place to sunlight but the tongue is still exploring her most secret places. The fire is burning out but the bodies are still on fire.


Kimi München

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