For my girlfriend – I told you so…………

Dear Girlfriend!

I saw you today sooo sad, that my heart was filled with sorrow.  If I would talk  to you like your mother would, I start my sentences with…

I told you so…

A stupid sentence to start any conversation specially if somebody is needy.

You are needy.  I wish I could help you girlfriend. I am here for you. I am listening to all you have to say.  Let it out, cry and don`t worry if your make up is running down your face.

What made you so very vulnerable girlfriend?

Oh, I thought so, a MAN.

I TOLD YOU GIRLFRIEND, and why did you not LISTEN TO ME…….

Don´t ever trust those men who speak to you in the sweetest words right at the very first date.

Did he tell you that you ARE THE ONE?  That he will be there for you? That noboby will ever make to love to you like he will?
That after making love once to him, you will be his´ forever, cause THIS sex is the one you will never forget?
To trust him and that you are so very wonderful?  That he will never never make you sad?  That he would never disappoint you?

Girlfriend….. didn`t  I told you that, never never trust a man like that.

If you recall it now – from all those sweatest of words – how many did come true?

Never Girlfriend, never trust a man who talks so sweat at the first time.

At the beginning so so sweat he was, and then all of sudden, things changes and you find yourself out here in the cold, left so open and so vulnerable and the man who promised you all those sweat little love things right at the beginning, wispering tender words of emotion, has turned into a stranger, cold and far away,  even if a moment ago you still saw him standing there, talking to his friends instead of you,  and with eyes you do not recognize.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend, please don`t cry now, be strong and know your beauty shines allover, and will be stronger than the sorrow and your deepest pain, you just don`t know it right now.

Never girlfriend, trust a man who talks so sweat at the first time.

Know that  you are beautiful and your eyes do show your soul so clearly, Fool he is,  did  not see  nor recognize it,  not knowing  what treasure he will never get to know.

Let the fool go, Darling, one will come who will see YOUR  light and GRACE for sure.


Ein Gedanke zu „For my girlfriend – I told you so…………

  1. Gib nie auf an die Liebe zu glauben!
    Sie kommt immer dann wenn Du / Ihr sie nicht erwartet.
    Just believe it.


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